About Alicia


International Recording Artist, Activist & Yogi

Here you can learn all about Alicia – artist, activist and yogi. She was born in the Caribbean island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Whether she is singing, campaigning for human rights, teaching intercultural communication at university or teaching yoga, Alicia’s purpose is the same – to forge a true connection with others.

As a singer who has performed around the world, her motto is “Music makes us one.” As a yoga instructor, she believes that the practice of yoga also connects and empowers us. “Yoga makes us one.”

Moreover, Alicia is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone. Starting out as a self-taught yogi because there were no classes in English in her town in Japan, she understands the need for more international teachers not only in Japan, but everywhere.

Her own experience and interviews with others around the globe also convinced her of the need for more diversity and inclusion in the yoga world.

A desire to share the joy that she found in her practice, and to show others that everyone, no matter their body type, age or ethnicity, could enjoy yoga, pushed her to enroll for yoga teacher training.

As an artist, her love for music shines through in her yoga teaching. She has developed her own styles of yoga bringing her passions together. Yoga Song Therapy is a style which blends meditation, singing and yoga asana. Soca Yoga is a dynamic style where Caribbean dance meets yoga. Her Hatha and Power Vinyasa classes also allow for creativity and play.

Alicia Saldenha is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT200). She received her training in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga. Alicia has also been influenced by renowned teachers like Faith Hunter, Dianne Bondy, Sadie Nardini, Sharath Jois and Kino MacGregor.

In addition to her yoga workshops, special events, Yacht Yoga and retreats, Alicia is preparing the launch of her new online yoga journal, Chocolate Yogini. She is also penning a book about Mantra Singing, which she fell in love with during her training in India.

When not practicing yoga, Alicia is writing and producing music. She performs with her band in Japan and internationally. Her music is available on iTunes and at her website, LoveAlicia.com


Mission Statement

Alicia’s dharma is to share her journey, both on and off of the mat, of self-discovery, growth and empowerment with others who are also setting out on their own path. She helps students uncover and unleash the divine light and power that is already within them. As a Caribbean woman, she demonstrates that yoga is indeed for every body, and is committed to creating a space where students feel included, valued, free to express themselves and to let their light shine fearlessly in the world.

Alicia Saldenha, PhD

International Recording Artist, Activist & Yogi